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wanting to explore sexuality and sexual education of young adults, there was an immediate appearance of the lack of communication and knowledge when it comes to intimacy. 

I want to learn more about my own sexuality, but there is stigma in our society that makes the subject taboo.





“ I want to be able to explore, make
mistakes, have a relationship with my body without judgment.”

“Most women feel unprepared when it comes to knowing their own needs before
participating in intercourse”

Communication is key in healthy
relationship but when it comes to sex even
long term couples struggle”

Megan A. White, PLLC

"I am a big advocate for sex positive sex ed for the appropriate age because we are not taught how to communicate about sexuality at all."

Lunaria Space Tourism Vehicle 

Conceptual design of the future of space tourism in 2030. Our concept was built in a 8 foot diameter capsule donated by Teague Aviation. Lunaria highlights the wonders of space by decreasing the anxiety that comes with a foreign environment. In collaboration with Teague Labs, check out their article about us!

10 week project

In collaboration with               

Co-designed with Jade Granger,

Troy ZhangSpencer Weglin 

September-December 2018


How can we facilitate the feeling of wonder in space travel, by eliminating the anxiety of a foreign environment?

You don’t realize how difficult it is to sleep strapped down in a sleeping bag for 3 nights I cant imagine doing it  in space for a week.” 


Immersion Sleep Study

One of our teammates slept in a sleeping bag strapped to his mattress for 3 nights to record and simulate what sleeping conditions are like in Space. Through documentation he woke up four times a night with discomfort. We concluded this was a focal point to our design by elevating these discomforts.

Adventure Tourism  

Wanting to find a similar journey down on earth to use as inspiration we choose rafting. A 7-day rafting trip shares many of the characteristics we wanted to design for. It
focuses on highlighting the natural scenery, minimizing discomfort, and providing a unique experience.

based off our immersion and adventure tourism studies we developed design goals around the pain points we discovered.

Showcase the beauty and immensity of

space in a context we can relate to.

Create a versatile space to allow for as

many natural interactions as possible.

Provide a space that grounds passengers

in the vacuum of space tourism. 

Wanting to get an overall outline of the experience of the passengers on our experience we created a Journey Map we measured the estimated discomfort and elevating that through excitement.

Journey Storyboard 

All students in this Teague lab had the same brief but to differentiate ourselves we focused on highlighting the wonder of space by eliminating the anxiety of being in a foreign environment. We focused on making the an experience one in which felt so comfortable that you could bring your pillow with you.

We outline our 7 day journey from getting on the vehicle to getting off.

Since this was a problem area in which we were inherently unfamiliar with we prototyped to scale to conduct user testing and alterations. Our design focused on the sleeping pods allowing for a greater dive into comfort and the private viewing experience.

With two concepts solidified designed foam board to build 3D prototypes of our concepts that focused on maximizing space while integrating comfort.

Vehicle Design Layout

Introducing Lunaria

Designed for the balance between public and private, our pods bring our tourists the comforts of home while allowing for the wonder of space to shine through.  

Storage and Interface

Mattress and Magnetics

With our magnetic suits and points of contact we emulating the sense of gravity to allow for ease of anxiety. With this false gravity, we integrated retractable blankets for ultimate comfort and free movement while sleeping

Upper Viewing

Our  top window gives a sense of sky to ground allowing for an educational and beautiful viewing experience in the privacy of ones pod.

Thank you to Teague and UW ID

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