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Flex Vibe 

Capstone Project


10 week project 

Designed by Emma Boyle

March-June 2018

wanting to explore sexuality and sexual education of young adults, there was an immediate appearance of the lack of communication and knowledge when it comes to intimacy. 

I want to learn more about my own sexuality, but there is stigma in our society that makes the subject taboo.







“ I want to be able to explore, make
mistakes, have a relationship with my body without judgment.”

“Most women feel unprepared when it comes to knowing their own needs before
participating in intercourse”

Communication is key in healthy
relationship but when it comes to sex even
long term couples struggle”

wanting to get advice I reached out to some professionals...

Megan A. White, PLLC

"I am a big advocate for sex positive sex ed for the appropriate age because we are not taught how to communicate about sexuality at all."


Packaging Design

Packaging made with labels and color scheme. Flat pack design made with insert to hold the flex vibe in place. 

Apis Goalie Gloves

Designed in collaboration with the UW women’s club soccer team, the APIS goalie glove incorporates padding technology strong enough to protect players without sacrificing their performance ability. The APIS glove utilizes geometric padding that is able to lock against itself when forced backwards, providing a rigid structure to prevent hyperextension upon impact. The same pattern creates flexibility for the forward movement of the fingers, therefore allowing full range of motion during a game.

In collaboration with UW Women's Club Team 

8 week project 

Co-Designed with Jazmine Hoyle and David Duyker

January-March 2017

How can we design a Goalie Glove to enhance performance but also protect from common injuries?

interview photo.jpg

I want keeper gloves that are going to be flexible so I can punch the ball but keep me protected at the same time”


Main Problem Areas

During our interviews, we discovered that there were many problems with the current equipment that caused many injuries during play. Based on the amount of injury to types of protective gear we decided to explore goalie gloves. 

Wrist Support
Interferes with Playing
Doesn't Protect Enough
Isn't Breathable

Current Equipment Faults

With current equipment we found that there were many issues. With most equipment we found that it either it interferes with performance or doesn't protect enough. So we focused on designing a concept that protects but does not interfere with performance

The most common injuries among the players in the goalie position are hyperextension of the index and pinky finger, as well as wrist strain.

Hyper extension in proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint

The Radiocarpal Articulation and impact sprain

These injuries were the main focus point of the rigid, yet flexible design as they were not adequately addressed in goalies’ current equipment.


Final Refinement Sketches

Focusing on finding a padding solution we found that using tessellations we could make the padding flexible when bent and lock when hyperextended 


goal: to create a goalie glove that allows for flexibility and rigidity during performance, to allow for protection and freedom of movement

Rigidi-Flex Technology

Through prototypes we developed a pattern that allows for flexibility moving
forward and rigidity moving backwards with the fingers and palm. Allowing the goalie to play with ease while also being protected from hand vulnerabilities.


Introducing Apis

Final Achromatic Study Model


Final model consisted of rigidi-flex padding technology, waterproof fabric, and breathable mesh.

Waterproof Nylon Glove Material

Nylon Coated Padding with Rigidi-Flex Tech

Latex coated flexible wrist strap

Breathable Mesh

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