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Flex Vibe 

Project started based off the inequality and unawareness surrounding female sexuality. Through research, it was discovered there is disconnect between women understanding their wants and needs, and communicating those to their partners. Wanting to address the importance and health benefits of masturbation, Flex is designed to empower women to explore their sexuality and foster understanding and communication with themselves and their partners.

Capstone Project


10 week project 

Designed by Emma Boyle

March-June 2018

wanting to explore sexuality and sexual education of young adults, there was an immediate appearance of the lack of communication and knowledge when it comes to intimacy. 


I want to learn more about my own sexuality, but there is stigma in our society that makes the subject taboo.


what did people already know?

based off these statistics there was a surprising a disconnect

based off the voices of these young women... it became imperative to create a product based on their needs.







“ I want to be able to explore, make
mistakes, have a relationship with my body without judgment.”

“Most women feel unprepared when it comes to knowing their own needs before
participating in intercourse”

Communication is key in healthy
relationship but when it comes to sex even
long term couples struggle”

wanting to get advice I reached out to some professionals...


Megan A. White, PLLC

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW, PLLC specializing in LGBTQ community, non-traditional family/relationship structures and those with alternative sexual practices.

"I am a big advocate for sex positive sex ed for the appropriate age because we are not taught how to communicate about sexuality at all."

ideationsketches copy.jpg

Introducing Flex

Packaging made with labels and color scheme. Flat pack design made with insert to hold the flex vibe in place. 

Whistle K9 Camera: AI and Animals 

Whistle is a wearable harness and smart camera made for service dogs and their handlers. Focusing on detection dogs Whistle helps with training, communication and emergency to help keep handlers and dogs safe. With the help of a designed with an app and ai, the handler can evaluate the training, communicate via voice, and locate dog as well as points of interest.

sponsored by     Microsoft 

 codesigner Maximiliian Werner


10 week project

Jan-March 2018


working dogs preform in high risk situations and save people’s lives and they are the only ones that can do this work based on their natural skill set and we want to support this...


"Dogs can preform tasks that no machinery can. They are invaluable.”

through research we found that there was three types of working dogs we wanted to focus on 

Police K9 Unit


Search and Rescue


Detection Dogs


wanting to figure out ways ai could support this unique and specialized partnership we reached out to some professionals.


Sgt. Steve White

Barbara Davenport

Heath Smith

Supervisor of Seattle Police

Dept Canine Unit

Master Canine Trainer

Washington Dept. Of Corrections

Lead Instructor and Director of Field Operations for Conservation Canines

we found that there is a lot of pressure put on these handlers to properly understand these working dogs actions. Only through what they can see with their eyes is what they can support and there are limits to this.


Using AI, we want to point this learning technology towards advancing the communication between these working dogs and their handlers.


Learning with the dog. Understanding the industry standard of training and how the dog is responding to the stimulus. 



Monitoring the relationship between the dog and the handler. Based on the training it is cataloging, giving suggestions and insights in the relationship, pointing out issues



AI is situationally updated with current details and specifics the handler and dog are in. The AI is actively making decisions based off the current risk of the environment and inputed knowledge.

Based on our research we began ideation. Developing ideas surrounding this relationship using wearables including Ai technology for on duty use.


Ideation Refinement


Through critiques with microsoft we focused on a wearable device that would be placed on the canines chest. It would include a smart camera, speakers for communication and adjustable harness.

We then developed our idea through the use of CAD, canine testing, and soft good development.


Whistle K9 Camera

Whistle Device

Wearable device for working dogs specifically in the Police K9 Unit, Search and Rescue, and General Detection Units. Whistle is equipped with a Microsoft Ai Smart Camera used for training, communication, and in emergency situations. Device is design with speakers that intake and emit sound and padding to ensure comfort on dogs chest. Accompanied with harness this device makes this specialized relationship stronger and more efficient.  

K9 HeroShot2.jpg

Lens Tube

2 tsp.


2 tsp.


2 tbsp.


1½ cups


Gasket and Lens

Lens Cap

Device Top

Device Bottom

Harness Loops

Chest Padding


Whistle Smart Phone App

This application gives all of the learning technology from the Microsoft Ai a platform to understand with the animals handler. From alerts during missions, recording of training behavior and verbal communication during relationship. 

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