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Flex Vibe 

Project started based off the inequality and unawareness surrounding female sexuality. Through research, it was discovered there is disconnect between women understanding their wants and needs, and communicating those to their partners. Wanting to address the importance and health benefits of masturbation, Flex is designed to empower women to explore their sexuality and foster understanding and communication with themselves and their partners.

Capstone Project


10 week project 

Designed by Emma Boyle

March-June 2018

wanting to explore sexuality and sexual education of young adults, there was an immediate appearance of the lack of communication and knowledge when it comes to intimacy. 


I want to learn more about my own sexuality, but there is stigma in our society that makes the subject taboo.


based off these statistics there was a surprising a disconnect

wanting to get advice I reached out to some professionals...


"I am a big advocate for sex positive sex ed for the appropriate age because we are not taught how to communicate about sexuality at all."


Introducing Flex

Packaging Design

Packaging made with labels and color scheme. Flat pack design made with insert to hold the flex vibe in place. 

Secure Belay Device

Climbing Belay designed to bridge the gap between beginning and advanced climbers by reassessing safety and form. Focusing on the ergonomics between the hand and performance in turn increasing control between the belay and the climbers.

6 week project 

Co-Designed with Katy Crabb

October-December 2017

How can we create or redesign equipment to alleviate the daunting
appearance of climbing?


 "The element of safety and all the tools   and technical aspects sort of make the  sport seem exclusive and hard to get into”  

what are the issues with current belay equipment for beginners?


Release handle length is only long enough for two-three fingers

Belay lip depth isn't ergonomic and smaller than most fingers

Thumb placement isn't user friendly for all thumb sizes

Using natural organic forms we began ideation that increased ergonomics and user experience.

Sketches with Rendering.jpg

With sketches we began mechanism testing and prototyping...


Made to test Pivot Points

Testing thickness and movement 

Solid form study with lip test

Carabiner thickness test 

Introducing Secure


Larger Lip for Easy Grip and Safe Extension of Rope

Ergonomic Handle with Large Grip  and Accent Color for Call out


Form Study Redesign with Focus on Safety and Tactility

Reliable Pivot Points for Quick and Safe Loading and Unloading

Secure Belay in Use


Loading in Rope




Secure with Carabiner



Pulling out Rope



Letting out Rope

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